Small and Medium Businesses (SMB)

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Small and Medium Businesses (SMB)

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) rely heavily on a high-speed network for their business and growth. With TechGuru, building and connecting your business is effortless.

SMBs know better than anyone else that communications and networking with clients and prospects are essential to their growth. And a carefully curated networking service can make all the difference to SMBs.

  • Best of the Wi-Fi experience –

In an SMB, reliable and secure Wi-Fi increases productivity manifold. This, in turn, ensures satisfied customers. In the event a Wi-Fi service is not up to the mark, it leads to a drop in productivity and often an awful customer experience.

TechGuru provides a range of services for catering the small and medium-sized businesses raring for growth. Each of our services can contribute to comprehensive business processes and meet the unique challenges and requirements of SMBs.

  • We cater to all space sizes –

The USP of SMBs is that they can thrive in a limited space. Spatial constraint rarely hinders their business. Converting any space, big or large, into a workspace with reliable network service is a competitive advantage of TechGuru.

  • Installation –

Our team will set up high-performance Wi-Fi services in space within no time so that you connect to your clients and support your business processes and growth.

  • Operation support and maintenance and security –

TechGuru vouches for its premium quality customer service. We work proactively to monitor and manage 24/7. Our services will also ensure that your activities and set-up are secure and restrict sites to ward off malicious activity.

  • Our Unlimited resources –

As much as SMBs are driven for growth, they usually do not have the dedicated high-end IT resources that the larger businesses have for managing their complex requirement. Moreover, they don’t have the time to master ever-changing technological advantages. With the services and support of TechGuru, SMBs need not worry about such challenges, and as an SMB you would not even need to hire expert staff.

  • Other supporting and allied services –

For SMBs, high-end WiFi support is just one of the needs. TechGuru also offers all the services that are essential for the success of an SMB. We offer Patching services to fix any flaw. This will ensure that your process is seamless and secure.

We do log analysis, which will enable you to manage and secure your business with greater efficiency.

Your requirements can also be as fundamental as having licensed Microsoft services. TechGuru is an approved vendor for providing all Microsoft solutions.

TechGuru also offers installation and support for CCTV services for monitoring and security purposes.

Our bespoke server deployment services will ensure the installation of any customized hardware and its configuration of the required software for the proposed functions. These will be curated to meet your unique requirements after a thorough site survey and outfitted with the best technological resources.

We also work with SMBs with existing technological services, who are desirous to upgrade and enhance their experience. We can easily scale your speed & bandwidth, as per your requirements.

We also extend support and set up services in case of a change of location of your business.

So, if you are an SMB, looking forward to making your time, resources, and monies count, look no further. Get in touch with us to know how best we can serve you. We look forward to hearing from you!