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TechGuru is widely known as one of the best service providers in the Hospitality industry. We have been supplying our services for over a decade.

We intend to provide the best guest experience and make the journey seamless for our clients, delivering the best and latest in the industry. Our services start from understanding the client’s requirements, network designing, finalizing the equipment, and installation, providing both wired and wireless networks, troubleshooting in case of exigencies, and support with an effortless maintenance system. We also provide service upgrades for your existing packages, ensuring that you get to deliver the best experience to your guests.

Some of the key Wi-Fi-related services offered to the Hospitality industries are –
  • Wi-Fi services – A necessity for any good Hospitality business

Our services will cover access to high-density points, with security features. Moreover, with every renewal, we ensure that you are upgraded with the latest technology and equipment for a seamless experience for your guests. If you are an already existing business, we assure you to upgrade your services for your scaling business. We also offer bandwidth management so that you can make optimum use of your services and provide the best-required bandwidth for your guests, as per their needs.

  • Site survey – Each property is designed and defined differently

With a detailed site survey, we offer you the best possible solution. This not only ensures identifying the areas receiving maximum footfall on your property but also identifying the areas that could be dead spots and eliminating them.

  • Installation & Maintenance – is TechGuru going to provide installations too?

With a real-time monitoring system, you can manage the access of Wi-Fi services to your guests. Our team can monitor the data usage and even equipment outages, and any issues that could arise, and resolve them beforehand. Equipped with top-notch monitoring system, our team ready to assist you.

  • 24×7 Technical Support

One of the key markers of a good service provider is aftercare and support. We work round the clock to ensure that you can offer your guests a seamless experience.

Speed and reliability are one of the most important features of any good Wi-Fi service. With TechGuru, it is easier to achieve so. We take care of one of the key areas of your business, leaving you enough time to focus on your hospitality services.

Our objective will always be to make the experience much more seamless for you and offer your guests one of the best services. And we are looking forward to offering this to you. You may get in touch here to find out how!