Multi Family Units (MFU)
Multi Dwelling Units (MDU)

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Multi Family Units (MFU)
Multi Dwelling Units (MDU)

Brief –

  • Different then hotel industries
  • Advanced apartments
  • Centralized amenities
  • Internet, tv, ac,

Our goal is to provide your property with reliable Wi-Fi, one comprised of a high-speed and robust network. Our designed network is user-friendly for the resident to access, yet sophisticated and robust enough to provide you with the latest security features.

Exclusive support for that

Multi Dwelling Units – MDU (Apartment):

Tenants these days expect services that are fast, and consistent. With work-from-home scenarios becoming common, and with the rise of solopreneurs, the residents expect nothing but the best and smartest solutions. Lack of reliable internet services has often been listed as one of the reasons for the non-renewal of leases. The apartment owners thus need to ensure to retain tenants with a seamless and highly reliable internet service. And TechGuru is here to offer the best of the technology.

TechGuru offers one of the best digital experiences to the MDU’s residences. Our services can make the user experience better and more reliable, for both the residential space and the amenities area of the MDUs.

We offer design, installation, monitoring, and support to our customers. Our services are efficient to meet the distinctive needs of your residents.

Our service for MDUs includes :
  • Design – We perform a property survey to design an easy-to-use and seamless MDU Wi-Fi network.
  • Installations – We provide turnkey Gigabit fiber installation for new or existing MDU properties. Our equipment is designed and installed to give the best user experience.
  • Personal Area Networks (PAN) for each unit – Every unit/resident receives their PAN. Each apartment is installed with its unit, which has unique codes for access. This ensures that the connection is private and secure.
  • Centralized amenities – We also provide network solutions for the amenity areas, be it your back office, reception area, lounge, dining area, clubhouse, swimming pool, apartment gym, terrace, or any other recreational areas.
  • Back-office support – We also provide back-end support. Our team of engineers will resolve any issue should it arise and handhold your in-house manager too.
  • Monitoring and Support – Our team will monitor and troubleshoot any issues that might arise on the network. We constantly strive to work towards identifying and resolving issues remotely before you can be even aware of them. 24/7 support from our engineers and support team is the core of our services.
  • Apartment and amenities Wi-Fi – Our services will be centralized and will be able to cater to advanced apartments as well. It is able to support all the in-house amenities like your television units and other entertainment solutions, sound systems, AC units, printers, lighting, and other smart apartment infrastructure.
  • Backup – One of the key features of our services is that we also provide a backup line. In case the internet is down for the main line, for reasons beyond anyone’s control, the second line will act as a backup in case of such exigency.

If you are a new Apartment owner, or an existing owner wanting to upgrade your services, feel free to get in touch with us. We look forward to working on your dream project with you!