TechGuru, Inc ensures our clients that we will be able to enhance the needs of their business operations with features such as:


  • Splash page & captive portal configuration and maintenance
  • Support  for over 1000 concurrent connections
  • Per-user filtering
  • Load balancing, fail-over, and multi-WAN support
  • Remote access support, plus 24/7 host monitoring and maintenance



TechGuru, Inc will tailor our services to the needs of your business and ensure you easily stay connected to your resources by providing:


  • Site surveys
  • Wi-Fi/Network/Server equipment installation and configuration
  • Service troubleshooting
  • Support. management, and configuration for cloud services such as Amazon AWS, VPN, Azure Cloud, etc.
  • Configuration and maintenance of virtual machines
  • Professional software and website development


TechGuru, Inc provides 24/7/365 support to ensure your operations run smoothly all day, every day. Our CCNA and MCSA certified technicians work diligently to assist with:


  • Network connectivity issues
  • Account/Log-in difficulties
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Location-specific coverage issues
  • E-mail & VPN troubleshooting

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