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  • 24*7 Managed IT Service – Full Scope Support
    We care “We serve, the way we would like to get served”

    What the Service Is: Managing your IT systems that are built around your business goals be it desktop, server, software or network.

    What we do: We provide you 24*7 support via a remote session, toll free number, email or on field visit to your property based on the nature of the task to be managed.

    • Practice Management OR Appointment Scheduling Software
    • Xray, Imaging & other Medical Devices
    • Server Systems
  • Server Setup-Support-Maintain
    Tailor Your Business “If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor”

    What the Service Is: Server is the heart of your business system that hosts & runs almost everything. This service enables you & your stakeholders to access their email accounts, softwares/applications, files & folders with the security rules that we configure.

    What we do: Our server engineers study your business IT requirements and estimate the resources that will be crucial to build a server machine that never runs out of juice. This machine can be locally setup at your premises or you can opt for a cloud server that sits somewhere else in very secured place.

    • Cloud & Local Server
    • Mailbox Servers
    • Hosting Softwares & Applications
    • Data Migration
  • IT for All
    Experience IT “The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything.”
    Camera: There’s nothing wrong to keep a remote eye for the things you worry about. Camera system allows smart capture, smart playback, smart back up so you can be prepared for any situation that may occur. Phone: It’s wise to keep personal device and office phone device separate. We help you set up the dedicated communication system for your stakeholders of your organization. This could turn out to be the most important investments that any business will make. Design & Development: Building a bespoke web-based software/application, mobile application or a website that lets you & your stake holders work from anywhere they wish from.
  • Data Back Up & Disaster Recovery
    What’s Your Plan B? C? “Erase all your work? Press any key for Yes.”
    Quote: Most important but ignored by many! The Backbone. What the Service Is: This service makes your business IMMORTAL for any tragic events that may occur. It secures, stores, protects & preserves all your business data from external threats such as hackers, power surges or disasters of any shape & size. What we do: Our engineers are acclimatized to prevent such unthinkable hardships in saving your data and recovering the system with the least downtime in industry. Your ecosystem enjoys the automated backed up in multi stages at multiple locations designed thoughtfully.

    • Cloud & Local Server
    • Mailbox Servers
    • Hosting Softwares & Applications
    • Data Migration